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Forgotten House

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Every once in a while I see a house for sale that excites me.  This one does. If I had a spare million pounds or so I’d buy this one and fast!

Unloved and forgotten for years perhaps, this large  villa still has many  beautiful period features including the original front door, and is crying out to be lovingly restored.

The overgrown garden is quite literally a forest, full of  shrubs the size of trees. It would be so exciting to uncover the history of the house.

Hopefully, it will not be bought by a developer who will likely tear out it’s character to build an urban show house. Worse still would be for it to be bulldozed to make room for exectutive town houses. Far too many perfectly good and often beautiful old houses are knocked down in this area to build characterless new homes.

Ali xox