Slow food

I have a new(ish) gadget lurking in my  kitchen cupboard. Can you guess what it is?

Oh yes! a slow cooker!

Now, up until about 2 months ago I had no interest in slow cookers and regarded them as something from the seventies that ought to stay there.  Hmm… Then I had my road to damascus conversion.  Or rather I had ‘roast’ chicken from a slow cooker.   Oh it was good. Very good.  Not as good looking as a traditional oven roast bird however, and lacking in the crispy skin that I love, but nonetheless the most delicious and moist chicken I have ever had.  I subsequently grilled my friend about recipes – roast chicken, bolognaise, chilli and pork and olive stew are her family’s favourites.

This tale gets better.  After mentioning this to my mum, she disappeared into her loft and  lo and behold, emerged with a slow cooker! ” You didn’t want this when you got married so I saved it!” she said (yep, ’till I came to my senses you mean). I then hot-footed it off to my favourite cook book store (The Library) to get myself a slow cooker cookbook. And this week we have had chilli! And yes it was good.

Ali xox

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