Plant Love: Alliums

I love the Allium.  Tall and assertive,  rather like an upside down exclamation mark, it demands to be looked at. Like a butterfly, the Allium takes it’s time to emerge  from it’s papery case, but it is well and truly worth the wait.

My (current) top 3 are:

1. Allium atropurpureum – dark and delicious

2. Allium multibulbosum – makes a lovely contrast with the darker toned Alliums

3. Nectaroscordum siculum – not really an Allium but treated as one

They are always in my garden and I buy more each year – mostly because I either forget where I put them and end up spearing them when digging or, I forget to label the ones I have lifted, and then of course one Allium bulb does look pretty much like another…  Oh well, and that’s the other reason I always buy more, just because I love them so much and can always find another pot to fill…

I buy my bulbs from and

Ali xox

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