Two went Sloe-ing

Last week-end, Small girl and I went to do  one of my very favourite things – Sloe picking. Although not that keen on Gin generally, I love Sloe Gin and look forward to autumn when there are bottles of Gin and Sloes gently infusing in the cupboard.

We both dressed for the occasion boots, trousers and zippy tops to avoid nettle stings on exposed parts and so we could fight our way through the hedgerows to get to our golden, or rather purple prize. This was her first trip Sloe picking and she was rather excited about it – especially dressing for much nippier weather on what was a lovely late summer afternoon.

We bought bread at the nearby mill before setting off on our Sloe hunt.

This was the lovely view across the Hertfordshire countryside  from the top of our climb.

Small girl turned out to be an excellent assistant – she gleaned the lower branches while I reached the higher ones. she was also rather good at spotting the bushes and their fruit.

Part of our haul.  It is now sitting washed, weighed and bagged in the freezer awaiting my return from Sainsbury’s laden with bottles of Gin. I try not to think what the till assistant will think of me with 3 litres of gin in my shopping basket, and think rather of the lovely Sloe Gin and Tonic I shall be enjoying just in time for Christmas.

Ali xox

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